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1 in 4 Healthcare Institutions Have a Mobile Messaging Platform

1 in 4 Healthcare Institutions Have a Mobile Messaging Platform


It's the year 2016 and 1 in 4 Healthcare Institutions have a mobile messaging platform.

Unofficially, 91% of healthcare employees use mobile messaging at least a few times per week for business communication, according to a recent study.

"Healthcare institutions need to get serious about meeting their employees' needs and providing a secure, internal messaging platform that not only allows HIPAA compliance, but also replaces outdated communication systems, like pagers, in order to increase productivity and serve patients faster."

More Findings Reveal Why Your Practice Needs Klara:

  • Of the 49% of healthcare employees who say their employer has an official mobile messaging platform, 16% are using GChat, 11% are using WhatsApp.
  • 64% percent of healthcare staff surveyed said having a mobile messaging platform would make communication at their job easier.
  • 92% of these employees would use a company-wide mobile messaging platform if their employer decided to implement one.

The study also finds that healthcare institutions without an official app, suggest using consumer mobile apps - this poses a threat as these apps may not consider protecting sensitive data like PHI, or adhering to HIPAA standards.

Mobile Messaging Beats Out Traditional Methods

The study also found that employees in the healthcare industry use mobile messaging more frequently than voice calling for their business communication, where they most frequently communicate with colleagues.

The immediacy of the information employees need to communicate matters most when they are deciding whether to use phone, email or mobile messaging to reach someone.

It's Not Too Late To Get Mobile Messaging

Healthcare Communications App, Klara, brings mobile messaging to your practice. Klara is a simple way to streamline communications through HIPAA-secure mobile and web-based messaging.

Klara is 100% free for early adopters and is more effective than phone or email communication in healthcare practices.

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