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Inside Klara: Why My Grandma Loves Klara

Inside Klara: Why My Grandma Loves Klara
Simon Bolz


By: Haley Fields, Account Manager

My holidays were full of catching up with family, namely my iPhone loving, former nurse, and yoga-enthusiast Grandma who always wants the latest updates on Klara. Why? Because she would sell her cat if it meant never having to wait on hold for her doctor’s office again. So last week, I got to ask her...what is it that you love about Klara?

Why does my Grandma Love Klara?


It’s our go-to assumption that the convenience factor of texting only applies to millennials…but don’t write off the older generations! Whether she is more drawn to the fact that she can quickly send a message to a doctor’s office at her convenience, or the fact that she would get a more timely response to her question — my Grandma loves the thought of messaging replacing voicemails and phone calls.

The ability to message about the status of her multiple prescriptions with a pharmacist, or request her most recent lab results through a texting-like platform is altogether more appealing than calling and faxing with multiple offices to achieve the same goal.

As she says, she was “forced” into her banking mobile application long ago, but now can’t imagine submitting a check any other way. Why should healthcare be any different?

One system, multiple doctors

Despite being of great health, my Grandma still has a handful of doctors who she sees regularly. With this comes the complication of coordinating her own care, attempting to familiarize herself with multiple different systems, and knowing the best way to reach her dermatologist versus her ophthalmologist.

Some EHRs provide a messaging element for patient communication, but their interfaces are unfamiliar, and differ from office to office. As my Grandma says, if we worry about the elderly being comfortable with technology, why do we throw 4 different archaic platforms at them, instead of one simple option?

Having the ability to message with each of her doctors (and pharmacists!) from the same platform was appealing for many reasons, but primarily because it would allow all of them to communicate with each other, without needing her to facilitate.

Easy to remember

Perhaps the most appealing of all, having a messaging based option makes everything easier to remember. She admits that the only way she keeps track of what time to meet me for dinner, or how many coffees to get for book club is because it’s all documented on her phone in her text messages.

The same applies to her healthcare details. If her doctor messages after care instructions, or reminds her of an upcoming appointment — this will all be documented and easy to remember. The same principles she uses to check herself through texting can be applied here…and it means one less thing to remember as she goes about her days.

Not just a millennial's world

With new technology disrupting existing industry (think: Uber, Seamless, the entire digital news segment), it’s often assumed that it’s the millennial’s world, and everyone else is just living in it. But we’ve approach the time where the technology learning curve has caught up. Grandmas are on Facebook. People just get it.

Some surprising numbers from our side found that

25% of Klara messaging app users are actually 45+.

Only 12.5% are below 25.

So new technology may not be so millennial after all. And take this as your reminder to text your Grandma.

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