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What We Shipped: 2016 Year in Review

What We Shipped: 2016 Year in Review
Simon Bolz


2016 was a busy year for the Klara team - we raised another seed round, grew our team and added thousands upon thousands of users and end-users along the way.

Naturally, growth necessitates change - and while the entire company has evolved over the last year in a captivating way, nothing at Klara has been through a bigger transformation than our product.

So, before diving into the new year, let's take a quick look at what we've achieved in the last 366 days.

A New iOS App

Many of our physicians use Klara exclusively on their cell phones, and no software company can claim to be mobile-forward without a well-functioning mobile App. So we built a new iOS app, for doctors, medical staff, admins, and patients alike - the latest versions support all iPhones and iPads.

It was important to us to accommodate users' needs based on preference. Many folks, especially patients, prefer to use Klara on their mobile browsers. As you wish!

A Bulk Import Feature

A major hurdle when bringing new practices aboard Klara was simply the amount of effort it took to enter patients into our system. While we do have integrations with certain EMR systems, most practices used to add patients to Klara individually and ad-hoc.

This changed in early August, when we released a CSV uploader that allows you to quickly transfer thousands of patients at a time from your EMR or scheduling system into Klara. It has done wonders for the speed of adoption and depth of engagement at high-volume practices.

New Features within Conversations

We live in era of proliferation among messaging apps. As more business messaging moves online and as the healthcare industry lumbers into the digital age, there will be more messaging apps integrated into traditional industry (think: Uber for ridesharing, Amazon Go for groceries).

In the past few months, we've done our best to provide you with core features that make Klara the best messaging tool for healthcare:

  • 'Team only' messages allow you to communicate internally among your team, helping you better triage conversations and coordinate care. We later expanded these notes to accommodate message templates, mentions, images, GIFs, and most other files.
  • Deleting messages for when you shipped off a message to a patient or coworker without fully thinking it through.
  • Read receipts to see if and when patients actually read your messages.
  • Unread indicators for the newest messages in a thread.
  • @ mentions to quickly grab a colleague's attention.
  • Team-specific welcome messages, and fully customizable message templates to help you save time.

Notably, we also completely rebuilt our interface with the introduction of the Assignments UI/UX, which encourages transparency and accountability in team workflows. We also launched multiple conversations, a new way of adding external collaborators to patient conversations with improved organization and security.

Personalization & Support

When bringing something as intimate as the patient-doctor relationship online, we feel you have to keep it comfortable, familiar, and personal. So, we built…

  • A system-wide welcome email sent to each patient when they are first registered for Klara, letting them know what they can use it for.
  • Personalized email notifications delivered to patients when a doctor or staff member sends them a message - including a friendly profile picture and a display name.
  • A new home for our in-app support feature, so it would be more visible in our UI. Our support team loves hearing from you when things are going well, and is wholeheartedly committed to solving problems when they arise.

Additional Security Measures

HIPAA compliance, data security and the trust of our user base remains central to what we do. To that end, we added…

  • A "load more messages" button within conversations that improves loading speed.
  • Simpler, more helpful unread indicators on the home view.
  • Keyboard controls in the image and file galleries.
  • A variety of UI changes to keep our designs simple, light, and uncluttered (back buttons, clickable areas, dropdown menus...)
  • Changes to give patients more control over their own information & data.
  • A settings page to configure your ownnotifications.
  • ... and a lot of invisible architectural improvements on the backend & data sides that help us serve you better.
  • A security mechanism that logs you out after 15 minutes of inactivity, to keep your patients' data safe.
  • Mandatory acceptance of our online privacy policy and terms of service, by all patients using Klara.
  • Internal tracking of all activity by Klara administrators, for when we need to troubleshoot an issue, solve a more complex problem, or provide data.
  • Improvements to search (the ability to find patients by first name, last name, email address, and Klara ID).
  • Helpful, inline system messages that clue you in to how a conversation's been modified over time.

Consistent Improvement & Refinement

In the end, we believe high-performing, complex systems can't be made to work from scratch. They must evolve from something simpler that worked at first.

We're excited for the opportunity to build the Klara network, with the infrastructure we have established firmly in place. Without our users, there would be no product. To our users: Thank you for being along for the ride so far! To our future users: We can’t wait to show you the transformative power of messaging.

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