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Prior Authorizations With Klara 2018

Prior Authorizations With Klara 2018


Physicians and patients must come together to accomplish a direct challenge to frustrating regulations from payers and policymakers. Physicians each year increasingly deal with policies from payers that interfere and disrupt the delivery of healthcare, therefore delaying or damaging the quality of care they can provide to their patients. On the patient side, they see first hand that insurance companies are blocking requests, putting up walls for physicians, and preventing both the patient and physician from the best and/or cheapest care due to loopholes or other hiccups. The current healthcare system is too focused on increasing payer bottom lines and reducing costs.

Physicians want to help patients access the care they need in a timely and efficient manner. In order to achieve this, it takes education and encouragement for your patients to be aware of the process and environment in which the type of care they seek is provided. Many of the problems physicians face are burdensome prior authorization processes. This creates complications, poor communication, and general grievances between both physicians and patients.

Having a well informed patient group will decrease some of these problems. Simply by getting more involved in the overall communication, research on issues that can pop up from prior authorizations so that they are solved before hand, can be enough to fight back and take some authority back from the payers and policymakers.

With Klara, All parties involved have been able to save time, and reduce all frustrating aspects of the prior authorization process. Perhaps the most important aspect is that it has created transparency for everyone.

See below for stats and graphs:

76% Of Solo Physicians Say Negotiating Contracts With Payers Is Very Challenging
5.5 Hours Average Number Of Hours/Week For Physicians
13.6 Hours Average Number Of Hours/Week For Staff

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