Webinar on demand: How to make your plastic surgery and aesthetics practice stand out by going virtual

Laurens Spethmann, Practice Consultant, Klara

Dr. Nick Slenkovich, Chief Surgeon & Director, Colorado Plastic Surgery Center

In the era of consumerization, providers are responsible not only for the quality of care but the quality of the patient experience. If patients can’t access care conveniently, they’ll go somewhere else. This isn’t new information, but it’s become even more urgent. Experts predict that the sentiment of consumerism will only extend further, and patients will come to expect digitally integrated care. Laurens Spethmann, Practice Consultant at Klara will show you how to get ahead of your competition by providing a virtual extension to your plastic surgery or aesthetics practice. Laurens will be joined by Dr. Nick Slenkovich of the Colorado Plastic Surgery Center who will share how he’s had success setting up the virtual side of his practice.

What you’ll learn

  • How to use technology to create a more personalized experience for patients
  • How a virtual side to your practice gives you a competitive advantage
  • Specific workflows and strategies that plastic surgery and aesthetic practices should implement today

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How to make your plastic surgery and aesthetics practice stand out by going virtual