Traditional workflows cost time and money

Phone tag and paperwork take time away from actual patient care, which translates to lost revenue. Klara can help.

Use Klara to reclaim time and focus on what matters most

Time savings with
Klara features
Call back unreached patients
Listen to and return patient voicemails
Document what was discussed on the phone
Coordinate appointments, collect patient information, and communicate lab/test results

Time-Saving Klara Features

Asynchronous communication
Smart message templates
Auto-reminders (no more call backs)
Website chatbot
Klara Assistant
Seamless file sharing
Voicemail integration
Fast triaging
Faster documentation
Collaborative messaging

Ryan Buffington, Buffington Family Medicine

Saving 2-3 hours for three nurses each day is the equivalent of half of a full time employee’s time that we’re getting back each week. It’s been a dramatic difference.
Focus on patient experience
Spend time on the patient experience — not on manual communication
Support practice growth
Easily manage an increase in patient volume as your practice grows
Prevent staff turnover
Empower your staff to do their jobs more efficiently — and more effectively

Klara integrates with leading EHRs to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows and tech stack.

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