Klara’s end-to-end virtual care platform helps practices stay connected with their patients.

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Powerful, multichannel telemedicine. All in one place.

Conduct real-time video visits with up to 4 participants. No download, no login.

Billable e-visits and remote monitoring via asynchronous messaging and photos.

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Give patients easy access to your practice

A textable number, a “press-1-to-text” phone greeting, or our visual voicemail help you to convert phone calls to convenient texting.

And our website messenger turns eyeballs on your website into new visits.

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Introducing: Klara Assistant

Klara Assistant helps your practice grow by automating routine patient outreach. Send relevant messages that inform and engage your patients — without the repetitive work.
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Seamlessly connected to over 50 EHR and PM systems

Automate communication across the entire care journey and keep all patient information centralized and synchronized.

Webinar on demand series

The virtual extension of your medical practice

This series is all about what you’ll need to create plans to maintain and grow the virtual side of your practice. By watching these webinars on demand, you’ll learn how to develop your practice strategy for long-term success.

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patient adoption in an average Klara practice


customers: “Klara helps us provide an amazing patient experience”

up to3h

saved per day per staff using Klara to communicate

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