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Klara is now a Nextech partner!

Klara is now a Nextech partner!
Jenna Crane


Today we’re excited to announce that Klara is now an official Nextech partner!

The two platforms will work hand in hand to help you improve patient satisfaction, save hours on manual administrative work, and keep your schedule full.

The combination of Klara and Nextech will power:

  • Automated appointment reminders, so you can reduce no-shows and improve patient satisfaction
  • Seamless message and file export, to easily centralize all patient information in Nextech
  • Automatic patient sync, so you can effortlessly keep patient information up to date

Want to learn more? Schedule time with a practice specialist to learn how Klara works with Nextech to help you reduce phone call volume, document all patient communications in a single place, and provide a great patient experience.

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