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Podcast Series | Meet Dr. Robyn Benson

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Podcast Series | Meet Dr. Robyn Benson

Doctor Entrepreneurship Podcast Series

Klara is on a mission to inspire and help modern people within the modern healthcare system to reach new heights in their own lives through access to communication. One way we do this is by featuring inspirational doctors who have started entrepreneurial ventures or have grown their practice in successful way. We are focused on connecting people for a better future.

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Introducing our guest, Dr. Robyn Benson.

If you’re not able to tune in, check out the transcript of our conversation below:

Hello and welcome to the Klara Podcast Series on Doctor Entrepreneurship.

We have with us today Dr. Robyn Benson to discuss with us her journey as an entrepreneur. that being said, Dr Benson, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

So I’ve been in practice for 24 years as a doctor of Oriental Medicine, and I am also founder of a center for Optimal Health that we built 11 years ago. So quite the entrepreneurial woman here and forever creating that possible environment and experience for our clientele.

So it’s an integrative health center. We have about 15 practitioners, offer over 40 different services, and for me personally, I’m always expanding the services I offer: IV therapy, acupuncture, lots pf injection therapies and I called this Amplified Regenerative Therapy so PRP, Protosone and other modalities to really help regulate peoples’ bodies.

So what influenced you to start the Self Care Revolution and your own integrated health center?

That’s a very good question. So I started very young. I actually started acupuncture when I was 23 and started my business three years later when I was 26-27. And I got into this profession because I knew that Western medicine, as much as I love it, has its strengths. Also, I feel that just going to the doctor and getting a prescription is not solving the problem that we have faced in this disease-managed system that we are living in right now.

It is just to really help people. I really care to help people live a vibrant, healthy life and live as optimally as possible at a time where there’s a lot of toxicity, we have a lot of issues with our food supply, people are really challenged [sic] hormones, the beat goes on. There’s so much that’s impacting peoples’ health.

I totally agree. So what has been the biggest challenge or the biggest challenges in your journey as an entrepreneur?

So I’ve been self-employed this whole time, almost 24 full years, I just think that you know there’s so much,

So many details to running a business. You know people come in get their treatments. It all looks easy, but behind the scenes to have a really good quality staff,  excellent team members, which we have been fortunate to have most of my career.

It’s just  there’s a lot of systems that allow the whole to work really well.

The relationships, in my case the practitioners, our relationships with our clientele, with my team. I think that those would be the biggest challenges. Plus, I happen to take insurance, I have for a long, long time. That’s always changing. Terms of what’s covered, and most people in the door, they have insurance that’s going to cover acupuncture or therapy that we provide here, they want to use that.

I’d say that that’s one of our most difficult areas.

So what do you do to grow your business? Do you have any tips or tactics for our audience on launching or growing their existing business.

Yes. I’ve always invested in coaching, and I’ve worked with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. I’ve worked with a lot of other amazing movers and shakers in the world of business not just health. I also worked with J.J. Bergen, and other people that are  prominent in the health world that are really willing to play a bigger game and  have a larger impact. So going out into that world. I started the Self -Care Revolution online and started writing a book. So to learn from your peers and the larger people who have already made some big breakthroughs and want to help you do the same.

So I’m forever learning.  Always reading books, always listening to podcasts, still listening to old tapes  just to stay fresh.  Fresh is a big word.

After this long, a lot of people get burnout, and that is something in the service industry. I keep recreating myself in doing new things.  My newest brand is called Art at Santa Fe Soul or Art with Dr. Benson and that’s geared toward Amplified Regenerative Therapies.

We also opened up again this creative process being an entrepreneur. Always growing, always getting out of your comfort zone to build a whole new concept for our event room called the Body Optimization Treatment Studio.

So that’s a huge one what I just said, and I just want to repeat that. Is that forever getting out of your comfort zone.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your career?

That’s a tough one. One of them was our actual grand opening of our center. We spent over two years building it. It’s really rare that a building, a health center, is actually built from the ground up, consciously created in every which way.

So that was a big moment. Also, my first book came out exactly about a year ago.  So that was a huge, that was a big accomplishment because it’s really my health manifesto.  The best of my 24 years in one book, and I just really have to say that that was a big moment in my life. It took a lot of time. To find free time, to find chunks of segmented time that you can actually focus on something other than your business. Those are two big ones.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our audience related to your business, your experiences, life in general, any takeaways for us?

Sure, I would say. Grow always and study what’s best out there. Find that part in your being that knows what’s possible and what you can expand into. Forever be uncomfortable. Just get out of your comfort zone whether it’s public speaking, writing your first blog,  doing an interview, it’s whatever.

The thing is, who do you want to serve? What’s the impact that you want to have locally or globally. That’s what feeds me everyday, despite my hours. It’s a very full, full life. That’s what keeps me going: I know my why in the morning when I wake up. I know my why.

Part of it is enjoy it. Find a lot of fun, for me that means travel. I’ve traveled to several countries. I let go and enjoy  the moment and give myself a break from work.

Well that’s perfect,  thank you so much for speaking with me today.

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Simon Bolz, Co-Founder, Klara

A serial entrepreneur, Simon founded two technology companies in Berlin. He then found his true passion in healthcare helping build Germany’s most innovative implantology clinic group. Simon studied at the London School of Economics, Humboldt Universität Berlin, and got a Masters at the New School for Social Research in New York. In 2013, he and Simon Lorenz, Ph.D. founded Klara with the mission to transform communication in healthcare, so every patient can receive great care.

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