How much money
are lost appointments
costing your practice?

How many patients does your practice have scheduled on average per day?
How many usually
do not show up per day?
How much does your practice charge on average per patient visit?
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Patient no-shows, late cancellations, and missed scheduling opportunities are costing your practice…


Why you have lost appointments: Patients expect convenience

of patients say the ability to book, change, or cancel appointments online is important
of patients hang up the phone after waiting on hold for more than 60 seconds
is the average time a patient spends scheduling an appointment by phone 

What Klara can offer
to your practice


Prevent patient no-shows from falling through the cracks by letting them book a new appointment right from their phones (no login, password, or app download required).

Appointment reminders

SMS appointment reminders reduce no-show rates by almost 40%. Send yours automatically and include any necessary pre-visit instructions.

Automated follow-ups

67% of first-time patients don’t come back due to lack of follow-up. Keep them engaged post-visit by sending relevant care instructions and asking how they’re doing.

Klara integrates with leading EHRs

What’s next?

With Klara’s all-in-one patient engagement platform, you’ll be able to radically reduce lost appointments, create a five star-worthy patient experience, and consistently grow your practice revenue. Book your free 15-minute consultation to find out how.

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