Patient Experience Quiz What do your patients really think? Improving the patient experience starts here.

Our 2-minute quiz helps you assess the quality of your practice’s patient communication — and how this might impact patient satisfaction. Based on your answers, we’ll send you a tailor-made action plan that you can start sharing with your colleagues and implementing today.

How would you rate your practice’s website?
How can patients get in touch with your practice? (Select all that apply.)
How much time does your staff spend on the phone each day? (This might include answering and returning calls as well as listening to voicemails.)
During peak business hours, what’s the typical hold time for patients calling in to your practice?
Do you have the ability to send automated appointment reminders?
Can patients fill out and submit forms digitally before their appointment?
Does your patient portal require patients to create and remember a username and password?
What’s your appointment no-show rate?
Do you have the ability to send a post-visit survey to assess the patient experience?
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Want to learn what patients really think?

Download Klara’s “Patient Experience Report: What Patients Really Think.” This survey of 2,000 patients maps the different stages of a patient’s interactions with a doctor’s office, shares key data on consumer perceptions and behaviors, and helps practices determine where their patient experience might be falling short.

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