Metropolis Dermatology Decreases No-Show Rates

12 providers

Metropolis Dermatology, a 12-provider dermatology practice with three locations across the Los Angeles area. The practice was looking to improve how it engaged with patients while also streamlining workflows as the practice was scaling. Since implementing Klara, the practice has digitized its patient journey and freed up staff resources¹.

Allie Davis – On a Monday prior to using Klara, we would easily have eight to ten no-shows.

On a Monday prior to using Klara, we would easily have eight to ten no-shows. Now we are down to around two on Mondays, which is about an 80% decrease in our no-show rate.

Allie Davis, Practice Manager, Metropolis Dermatology

patient NPS

patient NPS, ranking “great”²


appointments scheduled in Klara²


  • Needed a way to quickly communicate with patients on a large scale
  • Had a high amount of no-shows on Mondays
  • Staff spent time on the phone calling patients with pending appointments


  • Klara’s integrated broadcast feature allows the practice to send mass communication to patients in a matter of minutes
  • Utilizing Klara’s automated text appointment reminders, no-show appointments on Mondays decreased by 80%
  • Staff saves hours daily by automating pending appointment communication with Klara

1 Results may vary depending on medical practice size, product usage and other variables.
2 From June 2021, when Metropolis Dermatology became a customer of Klara, through June 2023

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