Why the Broken US Healthcare System is Ripe for Innovation

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Why the Broken US Healthcare System is Ripe for Innovation
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The US Healthcare System is notorious, mores in recent years, for being a disaster.


Four Ways To Heal Our Broken Healthcare System

11 Reasons Why Our Healthcare System is So $&@%#! Up

Why Our Healthcare System is Broken

America's Broken Healthcare System has Fallen off the Radar

We at Klara check mark all of the above in reasons why we feel Klara will fix the “broken healthcare system” through connecting the dots - via a centralized messaging system. Think of it as the Central Nervous System of Healthcare.

That being said we don't quite agree with the latter statement that America's Healthcare System has Fallen off the Radar, if anything, America's broken healthcare system has gone under increased scrutiny by innovators looking to disrupt one of the most powerful (and meaningful) infrastructures in the world.

Unique Perspective

We were recently featured in a wonderful, highly-regarded publication in Germany, Brandeins Magazine (similar to a New Yorker, for posh Germans analyzing the cutting edge of industry trends, culture and innovation). Klara, as some of our audience may know, started in Germany in 2013 as a telemedicine platform, since transforming into the messaging network of present day - after seeing opportunity in the tangles of American Healthcare.

Klara was featured in the October issue which consisted of:Reasons as to why adoption of digital products and processes is significantly slower in health care than in other sectors in Germany. Discussion of different digital health products (self-monitoring, communication) and how much impact they are likely to have.

Our feature is translated as follows:

Klara is an example of a product that shows how hard it is to succeed in the digital health space despite a very strong idea. Klara could have been an example of a disruptor in the industry: small company finds a digital solution to a problem that bothers many people (long travel and waiting times to visit the doctor); small company takes market share of incumbents; incumbents must adapt or become irrelevant.

In Klara’s case, things didn’t work out so smoothly: SkepticalMedical Board and regulations preventing telemedicine hindered the company’s success. Consequently the company expanded operations to the United States because the “regulatory and infrastructural requirements” are preferable in addition to “a great willingness of doctors and patients to make innovative solutions part of their daily life,” Co-founder, Simon Lorenz.

We Found that the American Healthcare System, While Broken, Is Willing and Ready to Change

Klara is working with Americans to enhance the experience of everyone who takes part in the healthcare system, and we have found everyone sincerely interested in bridging the gaps, knocking down industry silos and taking on the challenge of fixing the broken healthcare system.

We hypothesize here at Klara, that communication is key to mass innovation and sustainability in healthcare. Instant, triaged messaging is just the beginning for us. Thank you to all our current and future users.

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Simon Bolz, Co-Founder, Klara

A serial entrepreneur, Simon founded two technology companies in Berlin. He then found his true passion in healthcare helping build Germany’s most innovative implantology clinic group. Simon studied at the London School of Economics, Humboldt Universität Berlin, and got a Masters at the New School for Social Research in New York. In 2013, he and Simon Lorenz, Ph.D. founded Klara with the mission to transform communication in healthcare, so every patient can receive great care.

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