Klara + athenahealth: Choose a smarter way to keep your patients happy

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Klara + athenahealth: Choose a smarter way to keep your patients happy
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Patient satisfaction is one of the most important metrics that medical practices should use to measure their success. That’s because patients today are acting more like consumers than ever before. 96% of patient complaints are related to service and communication, with only 4% actually related to quality of care. One of the strongest drivers of patient satisfaction is effective communication. Communication influences every part of the patient journey, from initial outreach, to setting their first appointment, to follow-up and recalls.

That’s why we built Klara. Klara is a powerful patient communication platform that is transforming healthcare, so practices can thrive and more patients can receive great care. Klara’s powerful two-way messaging allows patients to keep in touch with your practice just by sending a simple and secure text message.

And now, Klara seamlessly integrates with athenahealth to help practices streamline their communication and provide an exceptional patient experience.

This new Klara integration is available to athenahealth’s network of over 160,000 providers to help practices streamline their communication and provide an exceptional patient experience. The integration makes it even easier for practice to take advantage of everything Klara has to offer by simplifying communication for staff, enhancing patient satisfaction to get better online reviews, and empowering patients to realize better healthcare outcomes.

Here’s how it works.

Easily send all your patient communications to your EHR so everything is in one place

Any conversations in Klara — whether those are with patients or internal among staff — can be quickly synced directly into the patient’s chart in athenaNet. That means providers and staff can easily find everything they need in one place, helping to save time and boost efficiency.

With Klara, all of your communications with a patient get unified into a single thread — and that includes internal messages between staff members about tasks and admin concerning a patient’s account. Klara even transcribes voicemails you receive into text, alongside a recording of the voicemail. Staff can read minute-long voicemails in seconds, and not have to worry about taking additional time to document — the message will automatically get stored in your EHR.

With message write-back, you can save your staff time and boost the efficiency of your practice, all in the interest of getting back in touch with patients sooner, and eliminating phone tag headaches.

Automatically sync patient data between Klara and athenahealth

Rather than implementing another solution in your practice that’s going to require manual, cumbersome, time-consuming data entry for your staff, your patient data stored in athenahealth will automatically sync with Klara. That means that you can start texting your patients right away to start to improve the patient experience by cutting down on call volume and lengthy wait times that lead to negative patient reviews. Plus, any updates will sync over to Klara automatically, so you don’t have to worry about keeping patient information up-to-date between systems if you have to make a change.

Stefanie Parker, the Director of the Facility at Hetland ENT spoke to us about her experience using Klara’s new integration with athenahealth. “We love that every new patient we register in athenahealth automatically syncs with Klara. Now, we can immediately contact patients through Klara. It’s made our onboarding process easier and most patients have adopted Klara without any trouble. It’s a lifesaver.”

Easily collect and verify patient insurance information to streamline your patient intake

New patient registration can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the patient journey. A bad first experience significantly reduces the likelihood that patients will refer others to your practice or leave a positive review. With Klara, you can give patients a great first experience with your practice — all while saving your staff valuable time.

Klara allows you to easily collect intake forms and insurance ID cards. And rather than having to scan and manually document that data, you can send it over to the correct field in the patient’s chart in just two clicks.

Plus, with the integration, your practice is more likely to get the information they need from patients before their first appointment, so you can better use the insurance eligibility services that athenahealth offers.

With Klara, you can give patients the exceptional experience they deserve, and actually help improve your reputation to grow your revenue.

What’s next?

athenahealth customers can implement Klara’s powerful integration by scheduling time with a practice specialist to learn more today.

Not an athenahealth customer? Not a problem. Klara can help improve your patient experience and make your practice more efficient, no matter what EHR you use. Schedule a time with one of our expert practice specialists to see if we support your EHR today!

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