Klara + Nextech: Deeply integrated to change how you communicate with patients

October 28, 2019
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Klara + Nextech: Deeply integrated to change how you communicate with patients
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Patients are becoming more active players in their care than ever before. And when you look at what patients want, 96% of patient complaints are actually based on poor service, with only 4% based on poor care. The number one driver of this is poor communication. That’s because the patient experience is directly tied to patient communication. And when patients can’t easily communicate with your practice, that ends up driving negative reviews.

But there’s a solution.

Klara has always been best in class for patient communication. We help practices improve patient engagement and satisfaction, all while saving staff hours each day, so they can focus on delivering quality patient care. But we haven’t stopped there.

Today, we’re launching a new version of Klara that makes it an even more powerful tool for unifying and documenting patient communications — all to help you give your patients an exceptional experience.

Introducing Klara + Nextech — a deep integration that makes it even easier to communicate with patients, reduce no-show rates, and eliminate inefficient administrative work.

On top of Klara’s comprehensive patient communication platform, Nextech customers can:

  • Reduce no-shows and boost practice revenue with automated appointment reminders and customizable auto-replies when patients confirm appointments
  • Easily push all patient communications to Nextech’s patient chart — including voicemails — so everything is documented in one place
  • Automatically sync Nextech patients to Klara, without any manual uploading or updating

Let’s take a look at each of those updates. See it in action

Reduce no-shows and boost practice revenue with automated appointment reminders

Appointment reminders have been proven to reduce no-shows by 38%, helping you keep your schedule full and boost your bottom line.

Klara’s appointment reminders are completely customizable. You can decide how often reminders are sent out, and even customize the text of the reminders, so patients have all the info they need in one text.

Klara automatically processes confirmations in Nextech by seamlessly integrating with your schedule. Klara also helps with rescheduling and canceling appointments, by automatically asking patients what their preferred dates and times are if they respond asking to reschedule or cancel. You can then customize the replies that automatically get sent to patients when they confirm an appointment (e.g. automatically trigger sending an intake form, welcome instructions, or further questions from your staff).

Already using an automated appointment reminder solution?

Klara’s appointment reminders are built into our best-in-class secure messaging platform — not just as some secondary add-on.

With Klara, appointment reminders are just the start of a conversation that leads to better patient outcomes, instead of isolated one-off reminders. Unlike other platforms, patients can simply ask questions or reply to the appointment reminder, instead of being limited to a programmed input.

Klara’s smart features will automatically identify cell phone numbers to send texts, or landlines to send voice reminders. And with automatic follow-up messages based on your patients’ replies, you don’t have to do any additional work to give patients a great experience. Get your personalized demo

Easily send all your patient communications to your EHR — including voicemails — so everything is in one place

Klara unifies and documents all your patient communications in one place. In a single conversation thread for every patient, you’ll see messages to and from the patient, internal messages among staff members about the patient, any files or images sent by your staff or the patient, any change in conversation status (like notifying a person or team), and — one of the features our practices love most — all voicemails from the patient.

That’s because Klara integrates with your practice’s phone system, so every voicemail is automatically transcribed as a message in Klara, along with the audio recording.

And now, with Klara’s Nextech integration, you can send all this info to your EHR in just two clicks.

Whether you want to export all recent messages in a conversation, just a few recent voicemails, or the images of an insurance card the patient just sent, it takes just a few seconds. And you don’t have to switch tabs or open another program to do it. Klara seamlessly maps to the fields in your Nextech setup, allowing you to upload files (like intake forms or insurance cards) into the right place.

Klara makes patient intake a breeze. Let's get started!

Automatically access all your Nextech patients in Klara

With the new Nextech integration, getting your patients into Klara and keeping their information updated is not only seamless — it’s automatic.

Your patients’ data will be automatically imported into Klara as soon as you start using it. And any new patients added to Nextech or updates made to patient data will automatically sync with your records in Klara, too. The two systems will always be in sync, so you never have to worry about switching back and forth between platforms.

What’s next?

Nextech customers can access this new version of Klara immediately. Just schedule time with a practice specialist to learn more about Klara + Nextech today.

Not a Nextech customer? Not a problem. We integrate with many EHRs. Klara can help improve your patient experience and make your practice more efficient

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