4 new features to save you time and hassle

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4 new features to save you time and hassle
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Whenever we talk to customers, we’re always struck by how much you do, and how busy your days are. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to save you time and frustration, or just to make work a little easier.

Today, we’re launching four new features to do just that.

Document Requests

How many times a day do you ask for insurance cards or ID cards? Do you wish there was an easier, more streamlined way to do that — ideally before the appointment, so you can check if the patient’s insurance is eligible?

Introducing Document Requests. Just add one to a Klara template; you can choose from insurance cards or ID cards, or even send both. When you send it, the patient can easily take photos of their card right from their phone. Check out the image above to see a sneak peek!

Not only will you get those photos as clear front and back images, but Klara will store them in the patient conversation for easy future reference.

Team admins can add Document Requests to any template. To learn more about how it works, visit our Help Center!

Vacation mode

The Office Hours feature is great for letting patients know what times your office is closed and when they can expect a response. But what about the holidays, or when your office is closed for vacation?

We heard you loud and clear, so today we’ve added the ability to close your office for entire days at a time. We’re calling it ‘Vacation Mode.’

When you’ll be closed for a whole day (or multiple days), just turn on vacation mode and customize the message patients will see. This will override your normal office hours settings until you turn it off.

Most-used templates

Eagle-eyed users may have already spotted this recent update, but for those who haven’t, it’s a simple update to the template chooser that we think will have a big impact. Your top 5 most-used templates now appear at the top of your list of templates, when you go to add one into a conversation — so no more searching or scrolling for the ones you use every week.


We know you’ve noticed this one! Klara now supports the full list of common emojis, so you can always strike just the right tone — whether you’re talking to patients or your team.

We hope these features make your day-to-day work easier, faster, and maybe even more fun!

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Simon Bolz, Co-Founder, Klara

A serial entrepreneur, Simon founded two technology companies in Berlin. He then found his true passion in healthcare helping build Germany’s most innovative implantology clinic group. Simon studied at the London School of Economics, Humboldt Universität Berlin, and got a Masters at the New School for Social Research in New York. In 2013, he and Simon Lorenz, Ph.D. founded Klara with the mission to transform communication in healthcare, so every patient can receive great care.

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