One Unified Goal: Increasing Patient Engagement and Healthcare Access For All

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  • Klara continues to enhance its current interfaces across multiple EMR platforms and is focused on building out new, more advanced interfaces. 
  • This year, Klara has released advancements within its network of EHR associations, including a robust interface with Greenway Health, and is looking forward to even more innovation in the future.
  • ModMed®’s acquisition of Klara allows Klara to place strategic importance and investment toward its current and future network of EHR and PM associations.
One Unified Goal: Increasing Patient Engagement and Healthcare Access For All
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Klara’s goal is to become the standard for how medical practices communicate with patients — no matter which EHR or Practice Management system a practice chooses to use.  As we look ahead into 2022, Klara would like to reflect on growth and innovation, specifically in regards to Klara’s interface advancements across multiple EHR and Practice Management systems throughout the healthcare space. This article is meant to discuss the state of these current interfaces, as well as give insight into what lies ahead.

What lies ahead for Klara’s network of EHR & PM associations

Klara will continue to support and expand its connections with current EHR and PM providers and will continue to grow our network of interfaced EMR and PM solutions.  

For example, Klara announced a new, robust interface with Greenway Health to allow medical practices on Greenway Intergy to remove some manual tasks — including by syncing all patients into Klara, allowing collection of patient paperwork digitally prior to their visit, automating pre- and post-visit instructions, and even reengaging no-show patients.

While this is just one example, new functionality for Klara’s many EHR interfaces will be rolling out throughout the year in order to improve operational efficiency for current and future Klara customers. 

Here’s what that means for current Klara customers:

  • Klara customers can continue to use Klara’s patient communications and workflow automation technology as before — no matter which EMR they are using. Klara plans to continue to support the interface of its platform with other vendors.
  • Your customer and technical support contacts will remain the same, and you can reach them through the same communication means as before for any service and support needs. 
  • Moving forward, you should expect Klara to bring continued patient communications innovation to your medical practice.

Overall, Klara is now better positioned to take forward its patient-centric approach and place further emphasis on accelerating innovation and transforming communication across the healthcare ecosystem.

Klara continues to build upon its powerful ecosystem 

While Klara is now a part of the ModMed family, Klara is still part of the larger, unified healthcare network of technology companies working towards the common goal of improving healthcare processes to deliver a seamless, patient-centric experience

“The mission of Klara remains the same — to transform healthcare communication so every patient can receive great care,” said Simon Lorenz, PhD, Co-founder & Co-CEO of Klara. “In order to achieve this, Klara will continue to innovate and invest in stronger interfaces within the ecosystem, further increasing patient access and improving operational efficiency for medical practices.”

In addition, ModMed’s acquisition of Klara puts Klara in the fortunate situation to invest even further into its network of EHR and PM associations. It is core to Klara’s product strategy that we continue to build out new interfaces moving forward.

Stay tuned as the Klara team is constantly working to improve its technology in order to bring better patient experiences to you and your practice.

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Katherine Darsie, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Klara

Katherine has worked in marketing and communications for ten years at various technology companies in the hospitality, marketing and healthcare industries.

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