March 30, 2020

How to enable telemedicine & effective patient communication

How to enable telemedicine & effective patient communication
How to enable telemedicine & effective patient communication

Simon Bolz, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Klara

In this webinar our co-CEO Simon will showcase how you can easily enable effective telemedicine (video visits, secure messaging, remote follow-ups), sustain efficient and convenient patient communication, and strengthen your practice operations - especially in times of the new Coronavirus.

What youโ€™ll learn

  • Enable holistic telemedicine: secure messaging, real-time video, and remote monitoring
  • Get patients to text your practice to not overload phone lines
  • Prepare patients with pre-visit screenings and instructions
  • Keep your practice running, even if staff has to work remotely
  • And more...

Canโ€™t attend live? Register anyway! Weโ€™ll send out the recording and other resources to all registrants after the webinar.

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