August 25, 2021
2 PM ET / 11 AM PT

How Schweiger Dermatology Manages 15K+ Patient Conversations a Week

How Schweiger Dermatology Manages 15K+ Patient Conversations a Week
How Schweiger Dermatology Manages 15K+ Patient Conversations a Week

Paige Leeman, Account Manager, Klara

Geneil Neil, Operations Director, KM² Solutions

Laura Fink, CMO, Schweiger Dermatology Group

For many growing practices, communication inefficiencies are a major source of unhappy patients and burned-out staff members. Between overwhelming call volume, phone tag, dead dials, voicemails, and callbacks, there is no time to focus on improving patient care. That’s why your practice needs a communication strategy that streamlines both inbound and outbound communication so patients can seamlessly stay in touch with you. 

In this webinar, Paige Leeman, Account Manager at Klara, Geneil Neil, Operations Director at KM² Solutions, and Laura Fink, CMO at Schweiger Dermatology Group discuss how Schweiger Dermatology structures its call center to automate the practice’s more than 15,000 patient conversations per week across its 70+ locations.

What you’ll learn

  • Top communication challenges in today’s healthcare landscape
  • Ways to improve both internal and external communication
  • How to structure a call center for inbound and outbound communication
  • Other ways to boost your call center efficiency with communication technology

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