March 22, 2023

Power Up Your athenahealth EHR with Patient Engagement

Power Up Your athenahealth EHR with Patient Engagement
Power Up Your athenahealth EHR with Patient Engagement

Fran Saperstein, COO and Practice Manager, Center for Complex Neurology

Pete Fenton, Medical Practice Specialist, Klara

Digital transformation in healthcare isn’t just a catchphrase — it’s now imperative for medical practices looking to grow in today’s healthcare landscape. 

As an athenahealth user, you’ve likely already taken a first step towards improving patient management and care coordination. But are you looking for additional ways to help get the most out of your EHR investment?

In this 60-minute webinar you'll learn how connecting a patient engagement tool with your EHR can help streamline patient communication, encourage patients to be more proactive about their healthcare, boost patient retention rates and more. 

Plus, Fran Saperstein, COO and Practice Manager for the Center for Complex Neurology shares real-life insights into how her practice interfaces its athenahealth EHR with Klara’s conversational patient engagement platform.

In addition, you’ll learn: 

  • What “patient engagement” actually means — and why it’s important
  • How modern medical practices are developing tech stacks that help solve common practice inefficiencies
  • The potential benefits of connecting your EHR with a patient engagement tool like Klara

Can’t attend live? Register anyway! We’ll send out the recording and other resources to all registrants after the webinar.

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