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7 ways better patient communication improves your bottom line

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7 ways better patient communication improves your bottom line
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An exceptional patient experience starts with exceptional communication. From setting the first appointment, all the way through intake and recall. Every part of the patient journey is influenced by how they communicate with your practice. That’s why the most common patient complaints have to do with service. The main driver for these complaints is communication, with only a fraction related to actual quality of care.

Patients are becoming more active players in their care than ever before. Patients are looking for more convenience and more value from their providers. Providers need to find a way to differentiate their practice, while keeping their patients happy and costs under control — and the simplest way to do that is by improving patient communication.

What does improving patient communication look like?

That can translate into reducing hold times, responding to patients faster, or reducing the volume of calls your practice gets. By making simple fixes to the way you communicate with patients, you can increase your revenue and improve your patient experience while saving time and reducing costs. And all of that helps reduce staff burnout, so your team can get back to delivering quality care.

Just a few of the benefits of improving your patient communication include:

  1. Better communication = better online reviews
  2. Streamlining communication keeps patients coming back
  3. Happy patients refer friends and family to your practice
  4. Make it easy for new patients to contact your practice from your website
  5. Eliminate unnecessary technologies and services to save money and reduce complexity
  6. Better communication saves time for your staff
  7. Differentiate your practice from competitors

And the list could go on.

But the question of how to find a solution to effectively improve your communications can be complicated. You have to find a solution that supplements your current communication channels and makes it easier for patients to get in touch. That’s why our practice specialists are here to help. At Klara, we’re dedicated to helping practices like yours deliver an exceptional patient experience through secure communication. For instance, Klara users have reported 

To find our more, download our free white paper below where we dive into each of the seven points illustrated above with actionable methods to improve your practice and boost your bottom line.

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7 ways better patient communication improves your bottom line
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