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Healthline Medical Group strengthens their patient-doctor relationship with Klara

Dr. Emmett Berg believes that open communication between doctors and patients is paramount. However, he noticed that patients struggled with Healthline’s patient portal. This caused staff to reallocate resources and widened the gap between patients and their medical providers. Adopting Klara has fixed both problems, allowing Healthline to provide a better patient experience overall.
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Urgent care, Occupational medicine, Family medicine
5 providers
Van Nuys, California
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Heathline’s challenges

Poor communication created internal and external headaches

  • Providers and front office staff wasted time trying to contact patients
  • Doctors could not provide patients optimal care with convoluted information channels and inefficient, unimaginative technology

Barriers to entry produced patient distance between the practice and their patients

  • Patients were unable or unwilling to log in to the patient portal (provided by their EHR). This discouraged them from utilizing the portal which resulted in more legwork for the medical practice.

Solutions by Klara

“Great communication with patients is the single most import- ant element of taking care of their needs. Klara helps our practice address this head-on.” – Dr. Emmett Berg
From working on treatment plans to coordinating prescription refills, Klara gives Healthline’s staff and networks an easy and enjoyable platform for collaboration. By eradicating phone tag and consolidating patient communication into one streamlined platform, Healthline is able to recover over $9,000 and 42+ hours of administrative staff time each month.

  • $1,800 monthly saved by having Klara transcribe voicemails
  • $2,100 monthly saved by converting phone calls to text messages and reducing overall phone call volume coming into the practice
  • $5,300 monthly saved by communicating lab/test results, status reports, and more to patients using Klara’s asynchronous messaging instead of the phone

I can think of 18 benefits that Klara allows our practice to realize as positive, tangible results.

Dr. Emmett Berg

Download Free Case Study
Free Case Study

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