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Hetland ENT chooses Klara to give their patients a more personalized experience

Hetland ENT needed a better way to reach out to their patients, rather than relying on their patient portal and phone alone. Stefanie Parker, the Facilities Director at Hetland ENT tried out Klara’s new integration with athenahealth to help boost their patient satisfaction and relieve stress on staff.
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Ear, Nose, and Throat
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Bismarck, ND
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Hetland ENT’s problems

  • Overwhelming phone call volume
  • Relying on patient portal to contact patients meant low adoption and missed connections
  • Needed to provide a personal touch to their patients that portals can’t provide

Solutions by Klara

  • Hetland freed up 2 FTEs from having to answer the phone all day
  • Klara integrates with athenahealth to provide a seamless experience for staff
  • “Klara is so easy and user-friendly.” - Stefanie Parker
  • Klara gives patients a personalized relationship with Hetland

Klara was a lifesaver for our staff.

Stefanie Parker, Facilities Director

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Free Case Study

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