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M Street Pediatric Therapy reaches millennial mothers with Klara

M Street’s top priority when looking for a communication platform was finding a solution that would help attract new patients by connecting with millennial mom
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Pediatric therapy
15 providers
Chicago, IL
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M Street’s Challenges

  • M Street needed to boost efficiency and reduce call volume
  • Staff couldn’t keep in touch with patients between visits
  • Without secure messaging, M Street was risking HIPAA violations
  • Needed to reach new patients and demographics

Solutions by Klara

  • M Street “improved efficiency across the board” with Klara
  • Time saved with every patient
  • Klara provides secure communications, so they can receive photos and videos from patients
  • Attracts new millennial patients just by offering texting

We love the technology you have built. It’s been a game changer for us. Thank you!

Dr. Alison Liddle

Download Free Case Study
Free Case Study

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