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Sheperd Integrative Dermatology boosts their bottom line with Klara

Dr. McLean Sheperd and her staff offer comprehensive dermatological services. But her fast growing practice was quickly becoming overwhelmed with the sheer volume of patient communications coming in each day. They turned to Klara to find an answer.
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Dermatology and aesthetics
5 providers
Charleston, SC
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Sheperd’s problems

  • Patient complaints about how hard it was to get in touch with the office
  • Unsustainable to hire more staff just to keep up with patient communications
  • Communication bottlenecks
  • Current communications couldn’t keep up with patient demands

Solutions by Klara

  • Patient feedback went from frustration to satisfaction
  • Time saved every day for providers and staff alike
  • Capturing new patients every month with Klara

Klara means service, savings, scalability, and employee satisfaction. Implementing Klara was one of our best staffing or technology decisions – ever.

Dr. McLean Sheperd

Download Free Case Study
Free Case Study

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