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Spring Street Dermatology uses Klara to reduce overhead costs and boost efficiency

Spring Street needed a solution to centralize their communications, while providing patients with an exceptional experience without overloading their nimble staff.
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Medical and cosmetic dermatology
10 providers
Manhattan, NY
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Spring Street’s Challenges

  • Staff couldn’t keep up with patient demands because of inefficient internal workflows
  • Staff burnout meant patients weren’t getting responses for more than 24 hours
  • Wasted resources

Solutions by Klara

  • Unified communications across both locations help staff keep on top of things
  • Decrease in response time by 97%
  • Halved administrative staffing needs

Before Klara, it was impossible for someone to get full customer service at the front desk and on the phone.

Ercan Akturk, Administrative Manager at Spring Street Dermatology

Download Free Case Study
Free Case Study

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