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Westside Family Medicine: Growth, powered by Klara

Dr. Bertie Bregman and his team at Westside Family Medicine knew that the key to growth was to deliver quality care and an exceptional patient experience. But when communication overload started to overwhelm his staff, he turned to Klara.
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Family medicine
10 providers
Manhattan, NY
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Westside’s problems

  • Relying on phone communication alone was unsustainable
  • Staffing was unpredictable and inefficient
  • Patient feedback: “they don’t really want to be on the phone, they want to be texting”
  • Back-and-forth phone tag took time away from staff and was inconvenient for patients

Solutions by Klara

  • With Klara, Westside has improved staffing, boosted their bottom line, and given patients a better communication experience
  • Patient feedback went from negative to positive
  • “It’s cut my workload by about 10 times”  - Dr. Bregman

There’s nothing better on the market.

Dr. Bertie Bregman

Download Free Case Study
Free Case Study

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