Klara Integrates with Modernizing Medicine to Improve Patient Experience & Automate Workflows

Klara Integrates with Modernizing Medicine to Improve Patient Experience & Automate Workflows
Miranda Eifler


These days, the success of your practice really comes down to two key areas: your patient experience and your workflow efficiencies.

On one hand, patients expect convenience and customer service just as much as they value the care you provide. Studies show that 80% of patients select providers based on convenience factors alone and 96% of patient complaints are around customer service and communication. 

On the other hand, the administrative requirements of running a practice can take a toll on your bottom line. For example, time is wasted on busy work when it could be used to see more patients and/or to improve customer service. In fact, three hours is wasted per staff per day on phone tag1. What’s more, nearly half of physicians’ time is spent doing paperwork (even with an EHR system), while only 27% of their time is spent seeing actual patients (source).

Fortunately, there is an efficient way for physicians to improve the patient experience and streamline patient workflows so you can spend more time with more patients — and grow your revenue in the process. 

Today, Klara announced a new, deep product integration with Modernizing Medicine’s flagship products, which will allow Modernizing Medicine’s customers to more effectively communicate with patients and automate routine administrative tasks. If you’re a specialty practice currently using Modernizing Medicine’s Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) or practice management system (MMPM), you now have a brand new way to engage with patients and run your practice. 

Continue reading to learn how these integrations work and how your practice can benefit from them.

Automate Routine Patient Communications to Reduce No-Shows & Much More

You can automate just about every step of the patient journey

Through this deep integration, Modernizing Medicine customers can now use Klara Assistant to automate and customize routine workflows before and after visits. For example:

  • Pre-visit engagement: Appointment reminders and confirmations, insurance collection and intake, and pre-appointment instructions (including instructions on how to join a video visit, complete with a link to a virtual waiting room).
  • Post-visit engagement: Post-appointment instructions, follow-up check-ins, no-show engagement and appointment rescheduling, patient satisfaction surveys, and online review collection.

These communications will be sent via automated text to your patients, so they’ll never have to download an app or log in to a portal. For example:

Not only will you be able to eradicate phone tag from appointment reminders and rescheduling calls, you’ll also eliminate the busywork associated with insurance collection and intake forms. So when a patient arrives at your office, they won’t have to fill out paperwork and you won’t need to manually process it. Instead, patients will be seen with less wait and they’ll have a more positive experience overall. 

Even better? Intake documents and forms, as well as any other files or images you receive throughout the patient journey, can be exported directly to the relevant category within the patient’s chart in EMA.

Centralized Patient Communications and Message Management

All communications between patients are saved in a single message thread — whether it’s an automated appointment reminder, transcribed voicemail, or individualized care instructions. 

By integrating with a practice’s EHR, PM and phone systems, Klara offers practices and patients alike a centralized communication experience. Let’s take a look:

  • The patient experience: No matter how patients contact your office — via text, website messenger, or phone call — their message ends up in Klara, ensuring they’ll receive a quick response. Even responses to automated messages go directly into Klara so your team can pick up the human side of the conversation. The experience will feel personal because it is — patients will notice that they’re not just getting canned responses from a bot. 
  • The practice experience: Klara provides care teams with an easily viewable history of communication no matter how a message is sent. So in a single conversation window, you’ll be able to see text messages, website messages, even transcribed voicemails. You can even make notes within the conversation window and assign follow-up tasks to different members of the care team (for example, billing, scheduling, clinical teams, etc.). What’s more, you can respond to patients via text from the same window.

Klara is the only holistic communication system that documents and unifies all patient interactions in one conversation, providing a more streamlined way for care teams to manage — and improve — the patient experience.

Automatically Sync Patient Records

Physicians and practice staff will not have to duplicate data entry between Klara and their patient records or practice management systems. This means that your patient and appointment information in EMA and MMPM will automatically import into Klara, without any manual uploading or updating on your part. Because these systems will always be in sync, you’ll never have to worry about having multiple tabs or platforms open at once. Nor will you risk manual data entry errors.

Why Automate Your Routine Patient Workflows

At the end of the day, automating your routine patient workflows should be a priority for your practice. After all, there are a myriad of benefits:

  • Reduce no-shows and late cancellations
  • Cut down on call volume and eradicate phone tag
  • Have more time to see more patients
  • Create a better, more convenient patient experience
  • Encourage return patient visits
  • Gauge patient satisfaction in real-time and get more positive reviews

All of this, of course, leads to happier patients, happier staff, and increased revenues.

Next steps

Modernizing Medicine customers can access these Klara solutions immediately. Just schedule time with a practice specialist to learn more.

Not a Modernizing Medicine customer? We integrate with other EHRs and would love to help you improve your patient experience and make your practice more efficient.


Modernizing Medicine customers can access Klara solutions immediately.

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